Tim Korry is a driven singer, producer, artist and songwriter based in Milwaukee, WI.
His music defies genre definition and categorizations, combining inspiring Christian values with a vast array of styles - from alternative rock and pop, to dubstep, instrumental music, country, Celtic, and many other influences!)

Today, artists are very concerned with “branding” themselves to a specific audience, so they rarely take the chance of creating music with such a vast and diverse range. Tim managed to stay true to his eclectic creative music, while remaining rooted in his Christian vision and beliefs, and in his dedication in the strength of expressive freedom, rather than the constrictions of genre labels and other useless little boxes to try to fit in.

Following his previous string of single releases in 2015, Tim is looking to release a brand new album of new material in 2018, which is set to explore diverse genres, including new wave, goth, alternative rock and retro-wave, among others. This upcoming project is going to showcase a different side to Tim’s songwriting and production approach, experimenting with different genres and differentiating itself from other releases within Tim’s eclectic discography

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Red Light District 1991

True Logic 1991-1992

Rhinocerotic 1992-1999   ?

Mercury Mayhem/The DFlowers 2001-2006

SOLO 2007-

U2ZOO 2016-

The First Wave 2017-