GOD, Miami Vice, & Life...

Here I am, listening to some old killer Jan Hammer Miami Vice soundtrack in my studio. I'm drinking a good local WI brew and reminiscing/trying to live in the moment. Getting a little teary listening to "Crockett's return". A lot…

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2020 Foresight

It's been a few years since I've written a blog post. There is a reason for this... not that anyone ever reads this shit. Get over the language if you are a "religious" hypocrite. Listen man, my friend and bass…

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    So it’s been awhile since I’ve written a blogpost. Well, a lot has happened. Let’s start at the beginning. After the rock band Rhinocerotic burned up with parts flying everywhere, my trajectory shifted to a solo musicianRead more


I don't believe in luck. No, that's not a Queensryche song.      So here it is, a well overdue blogpost. Not that anyone reads this…. 

As St. Patrick’s Day is now over and a successful gig with it,… Read more

Colors spin

So there I was… The last day of 2016. Man, it’s been a crazy year. Some of it was foreseen and some just crazy out of the blue stuff! All of it was life changing… all of it. Unfortunately we… Read more


   Click above 2 C Pics!   The summer has passed quickly. The U2Zoo experience is still new but promising. Singing in a tribute band is definitely not the same as a cover band. There is a lot of… Read more

Zero Hour

  A New Chapter. Everything has changed… and that’s fine. I’ve been out of the music scene for a year due to the adoption and all that goes with it. Rhinocerotic is permanently put to rest due to the… Read more

The Last Day in the Philippines

(Click the photo for pictures)   4/16
Time travel. It's what we do when traveling from one end of the world to the other.    We met a very nice women named Marie who must be some sort of manager here. We… Read more


     (Click the Picture for photos)   4/15   This is our last full day in Manila. Pool day! As far as I'm concerned, the hotel pool is the best place in Manila. No, this is not the most exciting blogpost. Yes, there… Read more

Water Water Everywhere

(Click photo for pictures) 4/14 We woke up around 6am, which has become the normal time here, and looked out at the hazy port of Manila. The air quality is quite bad with both air and noise pollution. Did… Read more