Farewell to SP

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4/12 It is both Joshua's birthday and the day that he leaves SP. Talk about intense. Writing this at 5AM. None of us can sleep. I hope it gets light soon.  We all… Read more

2 Parties, 1 Day.

(Click the picture for photos) 4/11 Hope I don't get too deep on this one... (The last day at Samaritans Place) It was morning after another good night of sleep. Seems like waking up around 6AM is becoming normal… Read more

Day 2 @ Samaritans Place

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 4/10   We woke up around 6AM for breakfast and church at 8. We were so excited that Samaritans Place had their own jeepney and we were able to ride in it to church with the… Read more

Meeting Day!

    4/9 I was awoken by sirens, constant barking dogs, whistles, and crazy traffic horns.  This is at 6:15 AM mind you...  ah Manila. We had quite the view of Manila bay but apparently there was some kind of running event… Read more

A little bit of Seoul

Here goes (long series of adventures in the Philippines, sort of real time):
4/8  An early morning limo ride to O'Hare started our day.  Man... just a little bit of nerves but having a driver was a killer way to… Read more

Death, Goth, and Reality.

  There has been a lot of death in my life lately. A band mate, feels like my youth sometimes, certain attitudes, and the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want (that sounds horrible eh?) but that's OK.… Read more

From the Stone Temple to the Sea

So how does a 40 something rock dude go from the daily grind of an indie musician with a day job to a Philippine teenagers dad in just under two years? Right…I didn’t see any of this coming just a… Read more

Is this What it is?

The Bad... Sadly, Rhinocerotic bass player and friend Timmy Wolf passed away recently. It's been really hard on the family and friends. Please keep them and the rest of us in your prayers. I'm thankful for all the great work… Read more

In the Bleak Midwinter

It’s been a  busy year. Not so much with the music, although there were 11 singles released, but more with life man.  The plan was to release a single of a different genre every month. Got close and let me… Read more

#9 Rebuilding

Moving is hard. That’s all there is to it. Packing, unpacking, the physical lifting and maneuvering, arranging, cleaning, setting up and disconnecting services, and the list goes on…  Adjusting to a new house in a new area is stressful on… Read more