From the Stone Temple to the Sea

So how does a 40 something rock dude go from the daily grind of an indie musician with a day job to a Philippine teenagers dad in just under two years? Right…I didn’t see any of this coming just a few years ago, but I’ve got to say it’s pretty cool. However I find it ironic that our son is so excited to say the pledge of allegiance, yet our government is the one really delaying our legal adoption.     

(Danger: Rant area) I say legal because it seems to be easier to enter this country illegally, yet bible believing tax paying citizens run into roadblocks and obstacles when adopting abroad. I’ll admit it, I’m a bit angry (sugar coated). There is so much red tape, miscommunication, and expense that it is amazing that any foreign children are ever adopted. On the flip, we are so excited and blessed by God to be adopting. We have been Skyping with our son for about 12 weeks now and we are all anxious to meet for the first time! Listen, I like to keep my personal life private. I’m not into the whole “here’s what I’m doing now, look at me” aspect of social media. This event however is worth detailing and sharing.

At the same time, I’m submitting material to STP as they are looking for a new frontman! It’s a super long shot and crazy, but I’m up for it. They are an amazing band and Scott Weiland’s vocals are in my range. I'm glad they are not trying to fill his shoes but looking to continue to grow in different directions. The guy was a crazy good frontman. There will be voting involved. I am not usually interested in those popularity contests for musicians because I don’t think of music as a contest, but I believe the band will actually listen to submissions. Anything is possible with God? Yes. All I am really hoping for is a good showing and some attention back to It really was cool and surreal singing in my studio with tracks I’ve listened to for many years. I’ve got to say it is a great experience just singing those tunes with the actual tracks at the very least.
So, Please do me a favor and vote for me so I can at least get a solid showing in the contest. I'll let you know the details... Much thanks in advance! More news on the way!

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