2020 Foresight

It's been a few years since I've written a blog post. There is a reason for this... not that anyone ever reads this shit. Get over the language if you are a "religious" hypocrite. Listen man, my friend and bass player died, my sister died, and my brother-in-law died all in the last three years and life has been very involved I guess. I have been slowly working on album 5 over the last 5 years but have met with serious resistance. Remember the adoption we had? Very difficult personality.Refer back t the involved comment. 

I will release the album this year along with many more tunes. It's called 'Searching For the Sea'.

Let me try to catch up... The fun and foolishness of U2Zoo, which ended when they kick the singer and drummer out without saying anything (like cowards), and the amazing shows of The First Wave have taken up all of that in between time. Damn, I nearly forgot my own songs. Did I mention that I'm playing in a church band as well? Not a crappy one, which unfortunately are many. You know, the watered down U2/hillsong "worship" blah blah blah. Ya, that's a lot of stuff. Man.. A lot of people say know JESUS know peace, but I say know JESUS no peace. That's real but the outcome is heavenly beyond words. We can visit that later should the LORD tarry. (spoiler alert.. It's soon so get right).


I think that I'm just going to speak my mind without worrying about anyone's feelings or filtering my thoughts to make it palatable for certain people. Listen, I love the LORD and I feel that he is coming soon. I will not play by man's playbook of pc bull sh## nor will I play political games with the jerks that are just working for the imposter god of this world. I'm just going to speak, write new music, and be respectful to people of all walks and ideas  as we all should be. I'll hit U up with another post soon >>>

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