Rajah That!

The Rhinocerotic show was a success and a lot of fun. I believe this was one of the few times that I was actually paid in the last 20 yrs. Pretty cool to see the old crowd and work with everybody again.
Rajah That! Was released on Memorial Day 2015. It is a groove driven kaleidoscope with a belly dancing, dubstep, goth, Bollywood, dance vibe. Pretty wild stuff to start out the spring.  Heading into summer we have a big show at SixFlags Great America playing their Live & Local concert series. We will be playing past hits from previous albums with more of a dance vibe and a few acoustic covers throughout the day. We will be releasing a brand new single called Into the Blue! This tune will take us back to the electro-groove of the Above the Snakeline CD with a Depeche Mode/U2 vibe. Sign up on the email list @ www.timkorry.com for up to date info.

Lastly, all songs will be available for purchase directly from www.timkorry.com including exclusive songs not available elsewhere! Buying direct will be a much easier process than working through CDBaby or some other MP3 sites. This will also assure that your money goes to support the music and not giving a percentage to a large corporation who then gives the musician a portion. Yep….unlike U2, I cannot get an Apple endorsement. 

So, I’d ask you to consider the “buy local” and “support indie” sort of approach. Your support helps us to keep moving forward and releasing quality sounds! 

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